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Greenlab Zurich Group


About GreenLab Zurich

The Greenlab Zurich Group is an initiative run by graduate students, technicians, PostDocs and group leaders at UZH and ETH Zurich. We are institutionalising exchange on sustainability in research and aim to raise awareness in our research groups, institutes and universities.

Greenlab Zürich | Kontakt

We are working together with the Sustainability Teams at UZH and ETHZ, as well as the Swiss Network for Green Labs.

Sustainability Team UZH

ETH Sustainability

Who we are

Célia Baroux UZH Department of Plant and Microbial Biology
Enno Bockelmann UZH Department of Molecular Life Sciences
Franziska Brändle ETH Institute of Biochemistry
Elisa Dultz ETH Institute of Biochemistry
Ángel García-Casillas UZH Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies
Dominik Olszewski UZH Department of Molecular Life Sciences
Falko Schmidt ETH Mechanical and Process Engineering
Lena Skrutl ETH Institute of Biochemistry
Benedikt Wimmer UZH Department of Biochemistry